“The city is a fact in nature, like a cave, a run of mackerel or an ant-heap. But it is also a conscious work of art, and it holds within its communal framework many simpler and more personal forms of art. Mind takes form in the city; and in turn, urban forms condition mind.”

— Lewis Mumford

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It started at a young age. Growing up in the cornfields of Southern Illinois, like any typical teenager, I quickly grew bored with the environment around me. Once I got my driver’s license, I began venturing out and taking day trips. Many of them were to nearby St. Louis.

I discovered an environment completely foreign to me. I was inspired and in awe of everything around me. The city, to me, was the pinnacle of creativity and human achievement; it was a showcase of architecture and design, of thoughts and ideas manifest into buildings large and tall, restaurants, parks, stores, and other amusements. It is a collection of environments, completely man-made, that exist to evoke a certain feeling or emotion. These creations and environments serve as playgrounds for life to unfold within, and also are signs and relics of time and eras gone by, that beg to be uncovered, remembered, and reimagined. It is also the typical melting pot, the converging point of cultures, perspectives, aspirations, and every other aspect of the human experience.

street is one of several collections that show the world I see around me, specifically, the discoveries and sights and sounds of meandering through the sidewalks and alleyways, in search of unique sights, sounds, emotions, and environments.